Friday, November 10, 2017

Experience flawless skin with pigmentation treatment

Can’t think of staying with your pigmented skin anymore? Well, you can now dream of experiencing a flawless skin texture that makes your face glowing and youthful. One of the best aesthetic treatments to achieve a smooth and healthy skin is laser. Newlook Laser Skin Clinic provides professional help with pigmentation treatment. You can easily get rid of dark uneven spots on your face at our ultra-modern skin clinic equipped with the latest equipment and expert dermatologists.

How does skin become pigmented?
Did you notice the dullness of your face developing recently? The appearance of dark spots or brown pigments over particular areas makes the complexion dull. You might have felt embarrassed when your face looked patchy and pigmented in broad daylight! These dark spots actually occur because of excessive production of melanin. The most common risk factors include exposure to UV sun rays, genetic predisposition and hormonal changes, especially with ageing. Dietary deficiency and lifestyle stresses are other important causes. Addicted to that body cologne? Well, wrong use of cosmetics can also cause pigmentation over neck, underarms and lips.

An important point to remember, the more exposed your skin is to sun, the more are the chances of getting a pigmented skin! So, it is good to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Worried about already pigmented skin? Laser pigmentation treatment is the best way.

How effective is Laser?
Even if you take the best preventive measures, modern day routines make you quite prone for pigmentation. Tired of hiding those dark spots? Try consulting our expert dermatologists for pigmentation treatment with laser. Laser is targeted at the exact areas precisely, without affecting the surrounding skin. It is aimed at the melanin cells in the dermis. Thus, the top layer of pigmented skin is removed with perfection. The result is a flawless and evergreen skin. You must take repeated sessions as advised till the entire pigmented area gains your natural complexion and your face is free of blemishes, age spots and even tattoos!

Am I the right candidate for Pigmentation Treatment?
We treat various kinds of pigmentation problems like:
Freckles – typical dark spots developing at a young age
Malasma – pregnancy related pigmentation with brownish discoloration
Signs of ageing – like dark face patches, excessive moles etc.

If you notice unusual pigmented areas on your face, that make your skin dull and blemished, you should consult laser experts for pigmentation treatment. You will be surprised to see the pleasant effects and your Newlook will add wonder to your personality.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

All you need to know about Vitiligo and its treatment

Looking for places to hide due to your Vitiligo patches? The New Look Laser Skin Care Clinic manages skin problems with care and expertise. We deftly handle your skin issues and give you temporary as well as permanent treatments for a glowing and healthy skin. Dermatological conditions are often frustrating as they can cause a lot of cosmetic embarrassment. Vitiligo is one such skin disease. It is a lifelong condition wherein there is a total loss of skin pigment over patches. It results in a white patchy appearance, especially around mouth and eyes. We use modern laser techniques to reduce the de-pigmentation thus giving dramatic results in your facial patches.

Symptoms of Vitiligo
The disease can start at any age, mostly after 20 years. The most noticeable symptom of Vitiligo that you might notice earliest is appearance of flat white patches over particular skin areas. Areas exposed to sun are usually first to get such patches. The spot starts as a pale area which gradually turns absolutely white. It is usually not associated with any kind of pain, itching or dryness. You will also notice that affected areas are more photos-sensitive as compared to the rest of the skin. The extent and speed of spread is mostly unpredictable. Contrary to normal belief, you will be surprised to know that the disease is not at all contagious!

What are the most common causes of Vitiligo?
Although the exact cause is unknown, the commonest causes might include:
Auto-immune response in which the immune system becomes hyper-reactive and causes damage to melanocytes.
Hereditary causes
Severe sunburn or cut that harms the skin
Response to stress

What are the Best Treatment options?
Now, you do not need to feel embarrassed because of your patchy skin. Laser treatment for Vitiligo has brought new hope for patients who have been suffering from this long term disease. Laser has proved its worth in the field of Vitiligo treatment. Excimer laser is the best choice of expert dermatologists because it gives highly satisfying results in clearing pigmented skin. The pigment which is lost in Vitiligo is effectively re-developed causing re-pigmentation. The patients can notice patches reducing in size within weeks of treatment.

The excimer laser delivers Ultra Violet B radiations to the skin. This stimulates the pigment producing cells in the deep layers of the skin. The laser beam penetrates deep within the dermis and meets the surviving cells in the Vitiligo patchy area. Thus, it boosts the process of re-pigmentation and results in meaningful cosmetic gains on the face. Repeated treatments can give you best results and you can achieve desired skin complexion quite fast!

There are other methods like complete de-pigmentation and topical treatments but out of all, laser treatment is one of the most effective ways to reduce the spots.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Welcome a beautiful you with hair removal treatment

Hair Removal for a New You!
Who doesn’t want a soft, supple, silky skin? After all, we are all humans and humans have the tendency to feel good when they look good. So, you are not dreaming of something abnormal when you wish for soft arms, legs and face without those ‘unwanted’ hair! Whereas some people have a genetic predisposition to being more hairy, others desire to flaunt smooth and clean skin and become more attractive. This traditional desire has found out ways like waxing, shaving and plucking to get rid of hairy areas. But, each one of these methods has its own disadvantages. The painful waxing sessions make you shiver out of the salon whereas the sharp razors often end up with cuts on sensitive areas. Even those so-called fragrant creams are tedious to use. Gone through all the pain? The worst part is that the hair re-appears within ten days! We, at New Look Laser Clinic, can put an end to all your hair removal hassles by offering Laser Hair Removal. We deliver safe and permanent hair removal solutions through Laser to make you more beautiful.

Laser Removes the Hair permanently
Unlike the other methods of hair removal where the hair are pulled or cut, laser is far more effective as it curbs the hair growth by attacking directly at the hair follicle. Laser is applied as a uniform and concentrated beam of light that penetrates the skin and reaches the hair follicle. The light is absorbed by the pigments in the follicle and this destroys the hair cells, thus preventing it from growing again. The pulses of laser are targeted at the exact area and they travel fast. Each pulse lasts only for a fraction of a second and can destroy many hair cells at a time. Thus, the time taken might be as short as just one minute for a small area like the upper lip or longer up to an hour for larger areas like thighs and legs. After you undergo an average of three to seven sessions, you can expect to have permanent hair loss. Laser Hair Removal successfully creates smooth and hairless arms, legs, underarms, eyebrows, upper lip, chin and areas like the back and chest for men too. In short, it gives you those charming looks that you have always dreamt of.

How to Prepare for a Laser Hair Removal Procedure?
Although it is a simple procedure, you must check and select only experts who specialise in dermatological treatments. Six weeks prior to laser treatment, you should refrain from other hair removal methods like waxing, plucking and shaving. The laser treatment works by targeting the hair roots. So, these should be present on the skin. Excessive sun exposure must be avoided six weeks before and after the treatment for best results. You do not need to spend a long time as the procedure is short. In fact, you can also go back to work after finishing with the laser hair removal treatment.

Is it Safe to go for Hair Removal by Laser?
The technique is quite painless. If you are being treated by expert hands, you can rest assured that you are at zero risk. The specialist and patient, both should wear protective goggles during the treatment to avoid unwanted exposure to the eyes. The skin is covered with a cooling gel to minimise burning. The laser beam also penetrates better and gives better results. Before the treatment sets in, the expert will also check with a minimal test dose to rule out any adverse reactions for several minutes. You might experience mild burning or itching after the treatment. This can be tackled by ice packs or anti-inflammatory creams. The next treatment session may be in four to six weeks till the hair growth stops completely. The process is entirely safe and wonderfully effective.

You can get those shiny smooth legs that you have always envied. With permanent results, Laser Hair Removal is the best remedy for hair removal.

Laser Skin Resurfacing enables you to love yourself even more

Laser Skin Resurfacing – Is it for you?

We, at the New Look Laser Skin Care Clinic perfectly understand your skin requirements. We have made our mark in the industry as the most advanced skin care clinic and therefore we give state of the art facilities for our clients. Our skin and beauty treatments speak high of our quality care and expertise in resolving skin problems. One of our specialities is Laser Skin Resurfacing. If you are looking for the best places in the town to undergo Laser Skin Resurfacing, look no further. The New Look Skin Care Clinic has been delivering more than satisfying results in the skin and beauty arena. We aim to make your skin clearer and healthier in such a way that you end up with surprising glances and compliments for your newly acquired facial glow. We cater to all kinds of skin requirements from the very beginning with expert consultation till the very end with post treatment follow-ups and guidance.

What exactly is Laser Skin Resurfacing?
If you are looking for a remedy for your facial irregularities like acne marks or scars, or an answer for your wrinkled skin, you should know more about Laser Skin Resurfacing. It is called by many other names like Laser Peel, Lasabrasion and Laser Vaporisation. The basic technique essentially consists of usage of a short, pulsed, uniform and concentrated beam of laser to remove sequential layers of skin one by one.

Which are the most effective Lasers for Resurfacing?
Experts recommend two types of laser for improving skin quality via resurfacing. The first type is CO2 Laser which is now available in the latest Fractionated CO2 Laser form. It uses very short pulsed light energy known as the ultrapulse. The CO2 Laser has been the choice of treatment since decades by skin care specialists. You can use this effective remedy to address gruesome skin woes like wrinkles, scar marks after acne or trauma and even for nose glands that have enlarged. If you are worried for its heat-related damage, you can rest assured since the scanning mode allows a better distribution of heat. Thus, it can remove several layers of the skin with minimal damage.
If you want a more protected form of Laser Skin Resurfacing, you can go for the Erbium Laser Resurfacing. It helps you to get rid of those fine lines of ageing not only from your face but also from your neck and hands. It has a big advantage that makes it safer; it doesn’t cause too much burning of the nearby issues. This means that the recovery time is shorter than the CO2 Laser. You can always discuss with experts regarding choice of laser, and the duration of recovery.

Laser Resurfacing – The best choice for typical skin issues
There are a host of skin problems that you tend to develop at some point or other. The best results occur with Laser Skin Resurfacing when you have signs of ageing like wrinkles on face, ugly scars left behind after acne or the kind of skin not responding to anything after a facelift. Your skin expert will rightly suggest when to go for Laser Skin Resurfacing for the maximum benefit. However, it might not be the correct choice of treatment for stretch marks or a dark complexioned skin.

What to Expect During and After Treatment?
Generally done as an outpatient procedure, laser treatment requires some sedation or numbness of the area to be treated by your specialist doctor. Depending on the area, the process might long for about 30 minutes to two hours or so. After the treatment, the swelling that appears around the treated area can be settled by elevation, ice packs and steroids if prescribed. The skin dries up and starts peeling in five to seven days. Minimal redness might prevail for two to three months. The new skin that shows is beautiful, scar-free and healthy.

Laser Skin Resurfacing has magical effects on skin. You must consult with our experts for this viable option if you are dreaming of a younger and flawless facial skin.

Friday, May 19, 2017

An Ultimate Guide to Vitiligo

One of the advanced skin clinics in town, we at the New Look Laser Skin Care Clinic know how to fight vitiligo. Our array of skin care and beauty treatments has made us one of the most premier skin care clinics and has earned us hundreds of satisfied customers. We know that your skin is something that you treasure and we offer the best skin treatments and therapies to make you an object of desire. We have some of the most effective treatments to take care of your vitiligo issues. Our end to end treatment starts from expert consultation to post treatment advice.

So if you are wondering what exactly is vitiligo, it is a type of skin ailment. It is a skin disorder that takes place when the melanocytes, the cells that produce pigmentation in our skin get destroyed due to various reasons. Vitiligo can take place in a specific area of the body or across different parts. In most cases, it involves loss of skin color and an abnormal white patch. If left unchecked, the complication increases and the patches spread to others parts of the body as well. As such, it is highly recommended to opt for expert consultation to reduce the problem.

Although the exact cause of vitiligo is not really known, experts believe that it is an auto-immune disorder that takes place when the immune system of the body mistakenly targets and destroys certain cells of the body, notably the skin. Sometimes, vitiligo can even affect the mucous membranes that include the tissues inside the nose, mouse and the eyes. Experts also believe that vitiligo may be a hereditary complication that may be passed between generations within families.  At times, other medical complications like thyroid and other skin problems can enhance the chances of vitiligo. The complication may remain limited to a specific place, or may spread to other areas too.

On an average, those who are suffering from vitiligo seem to develop the complication by the age of forty. However, there are also instances where people have been found to develop the symptom in their early twenties. Vitiligo is neither painful to the body, nor does it cause any allied health issues. However, it makes your skin look abnormal, which itself takes a toll on your mind and creates low self-esteem. It has been seen that patients who suffer from complications like vitiligo avoid mixing with others and suffer immense psychological stress.

If you notice abnormal white patches on your skin, it is advisable to consult a dermatologist. The doctor will diagnose your condition through a number of ways. In the first place, the doctor will go through your family history to understand whether it is a hereditary condition. Other factors like whether the patient had any rashes, scars, or sunburn and other skin disorders are also taken into consideration. Lastly, medical examination, such as blood tests, eye tests, and biopsy of the skin may need to be performed.

After the diagnosis is carried out, the treatment starts accordingly. Accordingly there isn’t any definite treatment; some preventive medications are carried out based on the intensity of the complications. Ranging from skin medications to surgical procedures, these treatments try to reduce the growth of the white patches in the body. The team of expert dermatologists at the Laser and Skin Clinic first analyze your complication and then devise the treatment method that suits best for you. Oral medications include skin creams, sun creams, and tablets and so on. For vitiligo complications that have reached an advanced stage, there are surgical procedures like skin grafts. This involves taking the skin from any other part of the patient’s body and transplanting it to the vitiligo affected area. 

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Go for Mole removal treatment to discover the beautiful you

Everyone knows how important the existence of sun is, but it is similarly important to know that how harmful the ultraviolet rays, coming from sun are. These rays are not only harmful for our nature, but also for our skin. We, here, at Newlook Laser Clinic frequently come across the customers, who have the demand to reduce or undo the effects of these rays. Thus, today we are here to tell you about the damages our skin go through during the battle with UV rays as well as tell some correct steps to protect your skin.

One of the most harmful damage caused by the sun to our skin is MOLE Formation. It is the common disorder which could be seen in people. It occurs when the cells are getting spread throughout but grows in form of Cluster. Such Cluster is called Melanocytes, with the help of which pigments are formed that gives the natural color to skin. When our skin is exposed for a longer period to sun, during teenage and pregnancy time, these moles get darkened.

There are two major types of moles: Congenital nevi and Dysplastic nevi.

The former one is present by birth which can get developed into melanoma that can cause cancer in future while; the later one is generally larger with uneven shape. Mostly, the moles are harmless, and don’t requires any kind of treatment. But, in cases where it poses the risk of cancer, it has to be removed. Here are some of the treatments which would remove the mole and reinvent the beautiful you.

1. Cutting: In this method, mole is cut out along with tiny area of the skin that surrounds the mole, with the help of surgical scissor or scalpel. In some cases, moles have their cells grown below the top layer of skin. This method even includes stitches to close the skin, which give a small scar that gets faded with time.

2. Freezing: Moles, which do not cause cancer and are not grown to the deeper layer of the skin, can be frozen off with the help of liquid nitrogen. This is most simple procedure that only leaves a small blister.

4. Laser Removal: Another method to remove the moles which do not cause cancer and are not grown above the surface of the skin can be removed by laser treatment. In this method, intense burst of light radiation is used to kill the mole cells in the skin.

There may be cases where moles could be removed at home through simple remedies. But it is recommended to first visit the doctor and get known if the mole is cancerous or non cancerous. Some of the preventive steps are to wear sun protections like hat, SPF, protective cloth, etc. as well as ensure monthly check up. These all would help you to look beautiful naturally. 

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Vitiligo- Myths and Facts

Vitiligo is a disorder which is commonly determined as white patches that appear on various parts of the body. The New Look Clinic is helping people cure this disease in India. Scientifically, it is a disorder that occurs due to damage of cells that makes the pigment of the skin (known as melanocytes), which gives color to our body. Since these cells are destroyed, there is unevenness in the color of the body. Vitiligo can affect the tissue of our sensory organs like eyes, nose and even mouth. There are various myths related to this disorder which are not totally correct. Here is a try to clarify those myths with some true Facts:

1. Person having Vitiligo lacks in Physical as well as mental abilities.
Fact: Vitiligo is a disorder that is limited exclusively to the skin and it does not affect or harm any other body part and neither does it affect organ nor intelligence level.

2. Vitiligo is caused due to wrong combination of diet like excessive consumption of rice, drinking milk shortly after eating fish and so on.
Fact: In reality, there is no connection between Vitiligo and diet. It is senseless to make a patient ignore sour items like lemon, curd, tomato, pickles from his diet with the expectation to decrease the presence of disease. While, we may assume that new patches appear when skin is subject to any kind of scratches, burns, cuts, pregnancy or any kind of emotional pressure.

3. Vitiligo is the caused because of our bad deeds.
Fact: Actually, such superstitions are totally wrong because eventually if it was correct then every person on this earth would be suffering with Vitiligo. This disorder is caused due to destruction of cells which produce pigments that gives color to the body.

4. Vitiligo can further cause skin cancer.
Facts: Factually, skin cancer is caused due to presence of mutations in DNA which cause the cells in our body to behave abnormally and then further grows. That is, mechanism through which both Vitiligo as well as skin cancer occurs are totally different. In fact it doesn’t have any connection with other skin disorders.

5. Vitiligo is difficult or impossible to get cured.
Facts: Today, Medical science has given us a great armament to battle with this disorder. Some of the treatments are immune modular drugs, Ultraviolet A as well as B, steroids and so on. The latest method to cure this disease is transfer of melanocyte, that is, the pigment producing cell. No doubt, treatment for Vitiligo is slow and quiet difficult, but is effective and thus can cure the disorder.

25th June is observed as World Vitiligo Day, and it is very important to remember that persons suffering from Vitiligo are equally respected as well as supported to tackle this monster. 

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Get a Perfect Look With Newlook

Nobody's born perfect. But who says one can't become one. Let not ageing, pollution and dust shake off your glory. Let not anything hamper your confidence especially unwanted hair. Why wait to shine out? Get yourself what you deserve the most. You're never too old or young, and you're never too late or early. If you don't we're the people to approach. Attaining shiny smooth flawless skin was never this seamless. The world's most advance skin treatments await you.

Newlook laser clinic is one of the most experienced skin clinics in India. With over 22 years experience dedicated to laser skincare having treated thousands upon thousands of people each year. New Look offers the most advanced and effective techniques to get rid of unwanted hair along with treatment for Stretch marks, Acne scars, injury scars, birth marks, Mole and warts, Pigmentation & Derm Melan Peel, Freckles, Wrinkles, Bottox, Filler and Vampire, Vitiligo, Laxity and many others. So what are you waiting for?

Visit today to the nearest Newlook Laser Clinic and get a permanent solution regarding to your skin.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Wrinkle Removal Treatment at an Affordable Cost

Wrinkles is one of the facial disorders people suffer due to ageing, it is simply associated with getting older. It is as a result of inability of the skin to recover from compression and injuries caused over a prolonged period of time. We will all get wrinkles as we grow older. Wrinkles can be defined as creases, folds, or ridges in the skin mainly from ageing.With age, skin cells divide more slowly, and the skin's inner layer, called the dermis, begins to thin. That starts to undo skin's stretchiness and structure.

Aging skin also starts to lose its ability to hold on to moisture, makes less oil, and is slower to heal. That all contributes to the wrinkling process. Other factors that can contribute to wrinkle formation on the skin includes habitual facial expressions, aging, sun damage, smoking, poor hydration, etc.
From study, there may be no single technique that can correct all of these changes, but a systematic approach to treatment can significantly and often dramatically improve the aging face. At New look Laser clinic, we have the technology to treat and remedy this degeneration in skin texture and look.
There are many reasons why you would want to remove your wrinkles and one of the main reasons is to look young, more attractive, and healthy looking. Who would want aging to be obvious on their face?  Usually tight facial skin refers to a young & healthy look which is demanded by many people who are mostly women, statistically speaking 70 per cent of the wrinkle removal treatments are of women patients * According to studies in 2012. 

Everyone wants to always look good whether man or woman.
So now you may wonder, “is it the right time to get a wrinkle removal treatment?” The answer to that question depends on two variables, age & technique as these two factors are mainly what a doctor would focus on. In Newlook Laser Clinic our technology and know-how is second to none. Clearly we have well researched techniques to give your wrinkled skin a big treat.

You may ask, “What is the right age to remove your wrinkles?” In general wrinkles start to appear at the age of 40-45 on women, while for men wrinkle facial appearance starts among the ages from 35-40, but wrinkles at the start of their occurrence is not the best time to treat them, as they start to increase by age.  According to studies, the best time to consider a wrinkle removal is 2-3 years after they start to appear on the face.

Wrinkle removal technique: There are several wrinkle removal techniques most up to date and reliable technique is the New Look laser treatment for wrinkle removal, also known as ‘laser resurfacing’ and basically it is directs short, concentrated pulsating beams of light at irregular skin, precisely removing skin layer by layer. Using carbon dioxide (CO2) and Erbium in a laser form.

Carbon dioxide resurfacing is a method that has been used for years to treat different skin issues, including wrinkles scars, warts, enlarged oil glands on the nose, and other conditions. It uses a short pulse light energy that is delivered in a scanning pattern to remove thin layers of skin with minimal heat damage.

As for the Erbium resurfacing method, Which is designed for another case which is the removal of moderately deep wrinkles, This laser causes fewer side effects such as swelling, bruising, and redness which takes less time to recover than the CO2 resurfacing. Our doctors are ready and have what it takes to give you the best soothing treatment to lessen the pains and discomfort you might experience from these treatments. New look Laser clinic is prepared to offer you the best treatment to care for your looks.

For more information please contact us online or through phone at New look Laser Clinic.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Unwanted Hair? Now, I don’t care

Beauty has many facets. Don’t think your unwanted hairs act as an obstacle of your glowing skin. Often, repeat treatments, such as waxing, plucking and depilatories can prove uncomfortable and, over time, expensive. Nothing today, in this world is unachievable. With the technology taking us to the moon and back painless and permanent hair removal is easier than ever. So what are you waiting for? The world's most advance Laser hair removal treatment awaits you.

Newlook Laser Clinic has performed several revolutionary cosmetic treatments in our country. With trained and dedicated staff and by using medio shoer high power diode laser, it provides the performing state of the art laser hair and skin care with no pain at all. Facial plastic and reconstructive, cosmetic, and dermatologic laser procedures using the most current procedures and equipment available. 

So from now, no more worries about unwanted hairs, because Newlook is here to take care of it. You just need to visit your nearest Newlook Laser Clinic

For more information call us at 09810343103 or visit us at

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

How safe is the laser hair removal procedure?

We at Newlook here understand the trouble which unwanted hair brings into our lives, be it hair removal creams or that painful process we call waxing, we’ve all at some point of time in our lives wished to get rid of this extra burden forever. This forever we are talking about is obviously the Laser Hair Removal technique. Now, no doubt the feeling of not having any unwanted hair ever again on our body is something that feels as heavenly as it could, however, we also understand that safety is a major concern. Now, if  anything related to that beautiful skin of yours proves to be a concern to you then that definitely is a priority to us. So, given that let’s try and understand what are the processes involved in the Laser Hair Removal process and how safe and effective it really is.

Laser Hair Removal is the process where unwanted hair are removed by exposure to laser light and as the hair absorbs the pigment it destroys the hair follicle, thus resulting in permanent removal of hair. Laser Hair Removal has been practised experimentally around twenty years before it started to be available commercially.

Laser Hair Removal works on the principle of selective photothermolysis, also known as SPTL, which involves the use of a specific wavelength of light to effect a targeted tissue while having minimal effect on the surrounding tissue. Since darker objects absorb more light, the excessive amount of melanin present in the hair results to its destruction on exposure to laser beams. For the same reason, Laser Hair Removal does not work for blonde or red hair instead only for black or brown hair. Also, for the above reasons this technique works best with a dark hair and light skin combination.

Another important fact to keep in mind is that anyone undergoing this procedure will have to undergo several sessions of Laser hair Removal. Normally a person has to undergo a minimum of seven sessions to completely kill hair growth. The sessions are continued until hair growth is permanently stopped.

Normally, the side of effects of Laser Hair Removal include itching, redness, swelling in the affected area. These side effects normally disappear in two to three days. Also, for some patients hypopigmentation and hyperpigmentation have also known to occur. Hypopigmentation is the case where melanin production in the skin in inhibited thus resulting in the lightning of skin, on the other hand, hyperpigmentation results in an increase in melanin production in the tissue resulting in darker skin. Another serious problem which is rare but is still known to occur is infection. These problems, when and if they occur, are to be treated immediately and are to be tackled with the appropriate choice of the type of laser used for the process. A little amount of pain and crusting in the treated area are common and go away during the healing process. Blisters, however, are rare and are known to occur only in cases of dark coloured skin, which makes the choice of the right type lasers all the more important.

Having made sure that you have one of the best skin & laser clinics at your disposal to perform the procedure make sure that you follow all the pre-treatment and the post-treatment requirements mentioned by your expert thoroughly, for safety purposes. Bleaching, plucking and waxing are to be strictly avoided six weeks before the treatment. The person undergoing the Laser Hair Removal process is also recommended to undergo any therapy sessions needed for medical reasons if asked for.

Having talked about all of that, we assure you that when we do get a chance to serve you here at Newlook Laser Clinic, we will certainly make sure that things turn out beautifully for you!

Can I have flawless skin with laser pigmentation treatment?

Flawless is a very desirable compliment, and wanting it as badly as anyone else is no crime. We at Newlook here have seen the sparkle in the eyes of our customers that comes after the procedure is complete. It’s like falling in love with yourself all over again. The Laser Pigmentation Treatment is a very popular technique these days to get flawless skin and is widely accepted and appreciated around the world. However, we understand you want to know more about the treatment and how effective it really is. No worries, let’s get to it right away then.

Laser Pigmentation Treatment is the process of exposing the skin to laser in order to reduce the melanin content in the skin. This procedure is used to treat mainly sun spots, freckles, hyperpigmentation, age spots and flat pigmented  birthmarks. So, what really happens in this procedure is that the skin is exposed to laser, which is absorbed by the pigment in the skin and hence it attracts the pigment to the skin surface. Once the melanin is attracted to the surface of the skin it falls off, which results in even-toned skin. The time taken to complete the procedure usually depends on the area of the skin being treated ,but for most cases the treatment should be done in about one hour.

However, in some cases such as brown age spots, freckles and brown birthmarks, it may take upto 3 sessions to  get the expected results, and in case of Melasma multiple sessions are needed too as Melasma keeps coming back, so the person undergoing the treatment needs to take precaution to maintain the results of the treatment. Laser pigmentation treatment, however, is not painful. At most, the patient might have a tingling sensation and some redness in the skin. Experts suggest Aloe Vera or ice packs to calm down the redness in the skin. The person undergoing the laser treatment is also advised to avoid exposure to the sun or any hot environments for safety reasons. Any blemishes that do not disappear completely will certainly appear lighter and the skin looks more clear than before. Although this treatment does not prevent the formation of new blemishes, inorder to prevent that one must use sunscreen and prevent exposure to the sun.

The risks related to laser pigmentation treatment, including infections, scarring, hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation are indeed rare and are very infrequent to occur. The treatment mostly gives improved results if not complete, which only happens in extreme cases. Brown spots for example are specifically resistant however, even if they don’t disappear completely there is always a significant amount of improvement. As for freckles they do mostly disappear and even if anything remains only you would be able to tell the difference as you would know where to look for them. Also, any area on the face and the body can be treated for hyperpigmentation, these mostly include face, neck, hands and shoulders, since these are mostly exposed to the sun. The therapist who is going to treat you shall study the tolerance of your body and it’s sensitivity to stay aware of any discomfort that might show up during or after the treatment.

Having done a fair amount of research on the topic now, we can say that you really don’t have anything to worry about. Once you visit your nearest Newlook Laser Clinic we will provide you with a team of experts who do not only have a  huge amount of experience in the area but also are very specific on leaving no stone unturned to give you the desired results keeping safety on high priority in the list. So, what are we really waiting for? We expect to see you very soon at your nearest New Look skin clinic!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Get a Fabulous Skin Beauty, Botox & Pigmentation

Our life looks nothing less than a race. Our lives have gone much stressful. Our lifestyle suffers incredibly due to prolonged hours of working. Targets and deadlines govern us. Eventually, there's no time to take proper care of skin which results visible signs of freckles, skin discolorations, wrinkles and facial creases. 

Skin discoloration is especially common in women aged 20-40 and this is the age, when you specially don’t want to see yourself more than your actual age. Don’t allow such skin problems ride on your beauty. If you want to eliminate all such problems from its root than you need to visit your nearest Newlook Laser Clinic.

New Look Skin Clinic is all about bringing you comfort and assurance, especially when it comes to Botox and Pigmentation treatments. FDA approved latest machines make this clinic the number one Laser Skin Clinic in the country. Using a medical grade laser, their experts are helps you to reduce the visible signs of freckles, sun spots, age spots, and melasma from face and body, while with Botox treatment they helps you to reduce moderate-to-severe frown lines between the eyebrows. So what are you waiting for? 

Visit today to the nearest Newlook Laser Clinic and get a permanent solution regarding to your skin.

Your Guide to Removing Moles from The Skin

Melanocyticnaeviare also known as moles in the medical field. They are black or dark brown in color and can appear in small clusters or alone. From one individual to another, their texture is different. For some people, they are smooth while for others they are coarse when touched. For other people, hair grows inside while for others they do not.

How do Moles Develop on the Skin?
Moles grows when melanocytes, which is a kind of skin cell grows in clusters, instead of being distributed uniformly throughout the skin. This is the main reason why they are darker than the surrounding area. Hormonal changes are responsible for triggering them. These include
  • Pregnancy: This comes with different kind of changes in the body of a woman. However, pregnancy does not bring more moles, but moles present have the tendency of becoming darker in color.
  • Teenage: There are hormonal changes the moment a person comes of age. This tends to make the moles occur.
  • Sunlight: An exposure to sunlight can also trigger the development of moles as well. The moles that are caused by exposure to sunlight can turn to skin cancer or melanoma.
Types of Moles
Moles are of different type, but the most common types include:
·         Dermal melanocytic naevi: They normally swell from the skin and have the tendency of having a pale hue.
·         Junctional melanocytic naevi: These lies flat over the skin and are usually black or deep brown in color.
·         Compound melanocytic naevi: These bulge from the skin and may have hair in them.
The uncommon types of moles include Halo naevi, blue naevei, and atypical naevi. 

Mole Removal
For patients who have developed melanoma, the removal of moles is essential. For patients with cancerous moles, there is only one option that will be effective in removing it – surgical procedure. Apart from this, people who prefer to remove moles because of cosmetic reasons can use natural, surgical or laser mole removal.
Surgery procedure of removing mole
There are basically three methods of removing mole through a surgical procedure. They are punch biopsy, shave excision and excisional surgery.
  • The punch biopsy procedure involves the use of a special device in punching out some piece of the skin. It is used mostly for smaller skin moles.
  • The excisional surgery method is used for malignant or flat skin moles.
  • The shave excision is used in situations where the moles are above the skin. The shave excision procedure involves the doctor applying some local painkiller to the nearby area of the mole. After this, small, sharp scalpel is used to shave the mole down to its surface.
Laser Mole Removal
This is the best option for moles that are black or brown in color and flat. The entire removal of the mole requires you to visit a dermatologist’s office or a physician at most thrice. A local anesthetic is applied to the skin area and a laser is used to take off the mole tissue. For larger moles, it is not advisable to use this procedure.New look Laser Clinic is your one-stop place to treat your moles through the use of a laser. They have experienced dermatologist to attend to your needs irrespective of the type of mole on the skin. Just to ensure that you get the best, they offer free booking consultation. Many of their clients can testify to the effectiveness of this laser procedure performed by their team of expertise.

Now you know where to go for your mole treatment, irrespective of the treatment method you choose (natural, surgical or laser mole removal), a dermatologist that is well qualified before treatment should examine you. A full body skin examination should be carried out like the procedure at the New Look Laser Clinic. For more details about the removal of moles, why not consult our dermatologist.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Pros and Cons of Anti Ageing Skin Care Treatment

Who does not want to look young? Healthy skin plays a major role in representing overall well-being in humans. As we grow old, our skin gets exposed to UV rays, due to which our skin undergoes sun damage. We at Newlook Laser Skin Clinic realise this and hence offer our clients with a plethora of skin treatments to suit every skin type. Let us know more about Skin Ageing in this article.

What Causes Skin Ageing?
With time, our skin becomes thinner and drier. Skin ageing may occur due to biological ageing. This biological ageing is genetically determined and it occurs naturally inside the body. The imbalance of certain hormones excreted by organs and glands within the body causes ageing. This type of ageing can be controlled by including nutritional and antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables in our diet. Skin ageing is also caused due to sun exposure. The skin damage caused by sun exposure is called photoaging. This damages elastin, collagen and melanocytes which result in sagging, dark spots, dry skin and uneven skin tone. As we start getting older, the skin produces lipids and fatty acids and ceramides to keep the moisture barriers of our skin, which results in an increase in dryness and water loss. Hence comes the requirement for anti ageing skin care treatment.

Over the time, our skin loses its elasticity and leads to sagging. To protect our skin, it is important to stop the degradation of the skin. There are several age-reducing creams and lotions available in the market which claim to provide younger look. But do they really work? According to the AAD, some products contains active ingredients which when used too much can harm our skin.

Is anti ageing skin treatment good?
So why to take a risk? The anti ageing skin treatment at Newlook Laser Clinic clinics gives you a younger looking and clear skin without any side effect. The treatment is absolutely harmless and after the treatment, you can continue your normal daily work routine. This anti ageing skin treatment is easier, safer and cheaper. Just give your few hours and the result will be incredible and remarkable.
After the anti ageing skin treatment, fine lines and wrinkles will get reduced giving you a toned and youthful look. It will decrease the open pores, improve the skin elasticity and skin texture, and also tighten the skin. This will make your skin wrinkle free and remove the skin lines.

It also provides treatments to tone down the fine lines around the mouth and the eyes. This treatment will give an even skin tone by removing acne and age spots. The treatment firms the loose skin and smoothen the wrinkles.

How to take care of skin at home?
You can take care of your skin naturally at home as well. The best strategy is prevention. To fight natural ageing of the skin, start a skin care routine.
  • Wash your face daily with lukewarm water and a few drops of cleanser. This will remove the sweat, oil, and dirt from your skin.
  • Do not smoke. It is bad for your health as well as for your skin. Smoking is hard to quit but for wrinkle free skin, it is worth quitting.
  • Get an eight-hour sleep daily. Our bodies produce human growth hormones when we are sleeping. These hormones are responsible for cell reproduction of skin cell. When our body do not get enough sleep it produces stress hormones, which leads to wrinkles and sagging skin.
  • Moisturise skin on daily basis.  Cleaning your face removes the natural moisture of skin which is important to be regained. For this, always apply a little amount of moisture on your face and neck after cleaning your face.
  • Always apply sunscreen with 20+ SPF while going out in sun. This will protect your skin from harmful UV rays and also from skin tanning.
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Laser Skin Resurfacing – Beauty or Beast?

We have all heard about how lasers can remove imperfections from our skin and bless us with the kind of skin we usually only dream about. We at Newlook here strive to give you that and more. All that matters to us is to finish our job with utter perfection, leaving you satisfied up to the brim. Visit your nearest Newlook Laser Clinic today for an amazing new experience. We’d be more than happy to serve you!

Now, when we talk about the laser treatment for skin, we know that there has been news about laser treatment having turned out to be devastatingly different for some people, where the desire for beauty left an unimaginable beast to be dealt with in their lives. We assure you that you shall only be dealing with top skin experts here at New Look. However, we understand the huge number of questions you might have in your mind regarding the subject, so let’s now have some details on what Laser Skin Resurfacing really is and what do the experts have to say about it.

What is Laser Skin Resurfacing?
Laser Skin Resurfacing is a medical treatment for your skin that uses lasers to treat imperfections like wrinkles, acne scars, age spots, face blemishes, stretch marks, scars, hyperpigmentation and sun damage. There two types of lasers mostly used for the treatment, ablative and non-ablative lasers. Ablative lasers  remove the top layer of the skin, the way it works in plastic surgery. This helps remove wrinkles from the skin. Non-ablative use heat to have the collagen under your skin thickened, these lasers do not involve removal of skin. To treat skin problems of all kinds both ablative and non-ablative lasers are used as a combined approach to achieve the goal of an even-toned, smooth, spotless skin. Cooling sprays, pulsing techniques and a combination of laser frequencies are used to achieve different goals.

Can I opt for this treatment?
Well, not everyone, keeping their current health conditions in mind, qualifies to undergo a Laser Skin Resurfacing treatment. The concerned doctor will evaluate you completely, taking points on you current and previous health records. Some cases where the doctors do not suggest laser resurfacing are if the person has a poor immune system, scars easily or has other skin complications like cold sores and herpes simplex. People with very dark skin tone are often not advised to go for this kind of treatment as well. Also the people with minor skin imperfections are suggested not to proceed with Laser Skin Resurfacing, as for these cases other alternatives are available and laser treatment is not required. People with such issues should go for Laser Skin Resurfacing alternatives as they are milder techniques of treatment as compared to this one.

What precautions should be taken?
Even when you qualify to be possessing a sufficiently healthy body doctors prescribe their patients a series of precautions to be taken ten days before and after they have undergone the process to prevent risks for cosmetic reasons or a slowed down healing process. The doctor in some cases might also provide you with certain amount of medication for the same. So, even if you have a perfectly healthy body to undergo the treatment you will have to undergo a set of guidelines before and after the treatment for the process to give you the expected results.

Some people wonder if laser skin resurfacing might result in cancerous situations. The experts when asked about this particular condition are said to have denied from any such possibilities, particularly specifying that the lasers used in this technique do not result in cancer and in turn are beneficial in the treatment of any pre-cancerous lesions present in the skin.

When choosing a doctor for laser resurfacing you should always make sure that you have a board-certified-doctor to deal with the entire process. This particularly being important because during the healing process the risks of infections or abnormal healing, although infrequent do really occur. Therefore, you should always explain to the doctor your entire medical history before you decide to go ahead with the treatment. Also, the suggestions of the doctor are to be strictly followed by the patient so as to avoid any unwanted results after the process is complete.

If having taken all the measures into account, everything goes as planned, we hope you get blessed with more beauty and happiness in your lives than you have ever dreamt of! Also, to help you with the same, we hope to see you soon here at Newlook Laser Clinic.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Remove Unwanted Hair and Feel Great

Its frustrating to be removing unwanted hair every 7 days or in some case every 3 days. If a survey was done most persons will say it is depressing to have unwanted hair. Let’s face it, no one like the look of a hairy body, especially if the hair is coarse. At New Look Laser Clinic, unwanted hair will be as issue of the past, Located in New Delhi it is the optimum choice for skin care and beauty.
The removal of Unwanted hair permanently can be achieved at New Look Laser Clinic. The places unwanted hair grows in the body include: armpit, private parts, and legs. Some women have hair growing on their faces, which may make them look masculine if not removed frequently, while others feel less stylish when they have hairs growing on their legs and hands. Other individuals even grow hair in areas of the body that are unthinkable such the back, shoulder and arms. While this may not be a cause for concern, it will certainly start becoming worrisome when your body feels like you are putting on a rug. In these and other cases, you will need a means of removing the unwanted hair from your body on a less frequent and even permanent basis that you can do yourself.
Laser Unwanted Hair
There are so many ways of removing unwanted hair, such as, using laser, shaving, waxing, as well as using natural methods. It is understandable for people with unwanted hair to seek permanent solutions to their problem. However, the reality is that there is no permanent solution to removing hair from your body. The only solution that can be considered near permanent is electrolysis, but even with this, your hair will grow back after some years. New Look Laser Clinic is at your rescue.
The method by which electrolysis works to remove body hair is by smoldering the hair and its follicles, causing as much damage to them as possible so that it will be difficult or impossible for your body to regenerate or repair them. This is because the follicles are the source of new hair and with the follicles damaged, it will be impossible for new hairs to sprout.
Unwanted hair removal by Laser therapy may keep the hair off for about for approximately a year or even less in some cases. This is because even though the light rays inflict some damage on the hair follicles, it does not have the same damaging effects as electrolysis. Therefore, it reduces the rate at which hair re-grows, and does not stop hair growth, and for this reason you will have to go back for laser hair removal treatment every year.It has been revealed that laser hair removal is more efficient on light skinned individuals than dark haired people. This is because the laser is absorbed more by the hair follicles than the melanin pigment, since light skinned people have less melanin.
For other unwanted hair removal techniques, such as waxing, tweezing, shaving, sugaring, threading, among others do not last even close to a year, maybe a week or two.
There are natural methods for removing unwanted hair, and some of the best will outlined below
  • Raw Papaya contains an enzyme called Papain, which destroys your unwanted hair follicles and also reduces that rate of hair re-growth.
  • Turmeric contains powerful antioxidant known as curcumin which strongly decreases hair growth.
  • A mixture of honey, sugar and lemon makes it easier to rip off unwanted hair.
  • A combination of potatoes and lentils, as well as a mixture of egg and cornstarch are also very effective natural remedies for unwanted hair

Monday, March 27, 2017

Pain Free Birthmarks Removal

A birthmark is an inherited, nonthreatening abnormality on the skin surface that is visible at birth or is noticeable immediately after birth, mostly in the first few months of birth. They can be located anywhere on the body, from the neck, face, arm, leg, thigh, buttocks, etc. Birthmarks are the resultant effect of excessive proliferation of blood vessels, melanocytes, muscles, fat cells, fibroblasts, or keratinocytes. Birthmarks appear in several hues, such as red, brown, blue, etc. No matter the type, color or shape of birthmark you may have, you can be sure that at New Look Laser clinic, it will be taken care of by seasoned professionals with different methods that have proven to be effective and cost-friendly.

Types of Birthmarks
There are two major types of birthmarks, with each type further divided into different categories as we shall see below. The essence of listing out the types of birthmarks is to help you identify the one you have and seek at New Look Laser clinic.

Pigmented birthmarks
With this type of birthmark, a portion of your skin is more colored than other parts. They typically increase as you grow older. New Look Laser Clinic uses laser therapy to treat pigmented birthmarks. The birth marks absorb the laser, which is transformed into heat, leading to its selective destruction by the photoacoustic properties of the laser. There are two types of pigmented birthmarks: mole and Cafe-au-lait spot

·         Mole
While majority of moles are birthmarks, not all moles are birthmarks. They are tiny spots that appear in different colors, such as pink, light yellow or black. While many appear flat, others come with a little bump. It may disappear as you grow older, but itchy or bleeding moles need medical attention.

·         Cafe-au-lait spot
As the French name implies, this birthmark resembles coffee that has milk added to it, and appears light brown especially on lighter skin. If a person is darker, they look like black coffee. This type of birthmark is small or large and is typically circular.

·         Mongolian Spot
Its color is grayish blue. They are typically found on the back or buttocks, and resemble a bruise.

Vascular birthmarks
This type of birthmark results when blood vessels gather at a point under your skin. It is present in 1 out of every 10 babies. the pulse dye laser which produce a beam of yellow light that passes harmlessly through the translucent layer of the skin and specifically heats the red blood vessels causing the lesion. New Look Laser clinic uses laser beams that are set to beam at short intervals so as to emit heat that will pass through the blood vessels without affecting any surrounding tissue. As the heated blood thickens, the blood vessels become larger as do not clump together at a spot as before. After the treatment, you will find that there is no trace of any mark or scar tissue.There are two types:

·         Salmon patches
They are flat, with a pink or reddish color which may or may not disappear over time.

·         Hemangiomas
These appear either under or on top of your skin. The ones on top are reddish in color, while the deep ones are blue or purple. They are bigger at birth, but reduce over time and may even flatten out in some cases. At New Look Laser clinic, laser therapy is used to remove hemangiomas. It is advisable to treat hemangiomas early, and not wait to see if they will disappear because of its likely complications if left for too long.

·         Port wine stains

Typically appear on the face, with a wine color. They do not disappear naturally, and you will need to visit New Look Laser Clinic for proper treatment.