Monday, April 3, 2017

Pros and Cons of Anti Ageing Skin Care Treatment

Who does not want to look young? Healthy skin plays a major role in representing overall well-being in humans. As we grow old, our skin gets exposed to UV rays, due to which our skin undergoes sun damage. We at Newlook Laser Skin Clinic realise this and hence offer our clients with a plethora of skin treatments to suit every skin type. Let us know more about Skin Ageing in this article.

What Causes Skin Ageing?
With time, our skin becomes thinner and drier. Skin ageing may occur due to biological ageing. This biological ageing is genetically determined and it occurs naturally inside the body. The imbalance of certain hormones excreted by organs and glands within the body causes ageing. This type of ageing can be controlled by including nutritional and antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables in our diet. Skin ageing is also caused due to sun exposure. The skin damage caused by sun exposure is called photoaging. This damages elastin, collagen and melanocytes which result in sagging, dark spots, dry skin and uneven skin tone. As we start getting older, the skin produces lipids and fatty acids and ceramides to keep the moisture barriers of our skin, which results in an increase in dryness and water loss. Hence comes the requirement for anti ageing skin care treatment.

Over the time, our skin loses its elasticity and leads to sagging. To protect our skin, it is important to stop the degradation of the skin. There are several age-reducing creams and lotions available in the market which claim to provide younger look. But do they really work? According to the AAD, some products contains active ingredients which when used too much can harm our skin.

Is anti ageing skin treatment good?
So why to take a risk? The anti ageing skin treatment at Newlook Laser Clinic clinics gives you a younger looking and clear skin without any side effect. The treatment is absolutely harmless and after the treatment, you can continue your normal daily work routine. This anti ageing skin treatment is easier, safer and cheaper. Just give your few hours and the result will be incredible and remarkable.
After the anti ageing skin treatment, fine lines and wrinkles will get reduced giving you a toned and youthful look. It will decrease the open pores, improve the skin elasticity and skin texture, and also tighten the skin. This will make your skin wrinkle free and remove the skin lines.

It also provides treatments to tone down the fine lines around the mouth and the eyes. This treatment will give an even skin tone by removing acne and age spots. The treatment firms the loose skin and smoothen the wrinkles.

How to take care of skin at home?
You can take care of your skin naturally at home as well. The best strategy is prevention. To fight natural ageing of the skin, start a skin care routine.
  • Wash your face daily with lukewarm water and a few drops of cleanser. This will remove the sweat, oil, and dirt from your skin.
  • Do not smoke. It is bad for your health as well as for your skin. Smoking is hard to quit but for wrinkle free skin, it is worth quitting.
  • Get an eight-hour sleep daily. Our bodies produce human growth hormones when we are sleeping. These hormones are responsible for cell reproduction of skin cell. When our body do not get enough sleep it produces stress hormones, which leads to wrinkles and sagging skin.
  • Moisturise skin on daily basis.  Cleaning your face removes the natural moisture of skin which is important to be regained. For this, always apply a little amount of moisture on your face and neck after cleaning your face.
  • Always apply sunscreen with 20+ SPF while going out in sun. This will protect your skin from harmful UV rays and also from skin tanning.
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Laser Skin Resurfacing – Beauty or Beast?

We have all heard about how lasers can remove imperfections from our skin and bless us with the kind of skin we usually only dream about. We at Newlook here strive to give you that and more. All that matters to us is to finish our job with utter perfection, leaving you satisfied up to the brim. Visit your nearest Newlook Laser Clinic today for an amazing new experience. We’d be more than happy to serve you!

Now, when we talk about the laser treatment for skin, we know that there has been news about laser treatment having turned out to be devastatingly different for some people, where the desire for beauty left an unimaginable beast to be dealt with in their lives. We assure you that you shall only be dealing with top skin experts here at New Look. However, we understand the huge number of questions you might have in your mind regarding the subject, so let’s now have some details on what Laser Skin Resurfacing really is and what do the experts have to say about it.

What is Laser Skin Resurfacing?
Laser Skin Resurfacing is a medical treatment for your skin that uses lasers to treat imperfections like wrinkles, acne scars, age spots, face blemishes, stretch marks, scars, hyperpigmentation and sun damage. There two types of lasers mostly used for the treatment, ablative and non-ablative lasers. Ablative lasers  remove the top layer of the skin, the way it works in plastic surgery. This helps remove wrinkles from the skin. Non-ablative use heat to have the collagen under your skin thickened, these lasers do not involve removal of skin. To treat skin problems of all kinds both ablative and non-ablative lasers are used as a combined approach to achieve the goal of an even-toned, smooth, spotless skin. Cooling sprays, pulsing techniques and a combination of laser frequencies are used to achieve different goals.

Can I opt for this treatment?
Well, not everyone, keeping their current health conditions in mind, qualifies to undergo a Laser Skin Resurfacing treatment. The concerned doctor will evaluate you completely, taking points on you current and previous health records. Some cases where the doctors do not suggest laser resurfacing are if the person has a poor immune system, scars easily or has other skin complications like cold sores and herpes simplex. People with very dark skin tone are often not advised to go for this kind of treatment as well. Also the people with minor skin imperfections are suggested not to proceed with Laser Skin Resurfacing, as for these cases other alternatives are available and laser treatment is not required. People with such issues should go for Laser Skin Resurfacing alternatives as they are milder techniques of treatment as compared to this one.

What precautions should be taken?
Even when you qualify to be possessing a sufficiently healthy body doctors prescribe their patients a series of precautions to be taken ten days before and after they have undergone the process to prevent risks for cosmetic reasons or a slowed down healing process. The doctor in some cases might also provide you with certain amount of medication for the same. So, even if you have a perfectly healthy body to undergo the treatment you will have to undergo a set of guidelines before and after the treatment for the process to give you the expected results.

Some people wonder if laser skin resurfacing might result in cancerous situations. The experts when asked about this particular condition are said to have denied from any such possibilities, particularly specifying that the lasers used in this technique do not result in cancer and in turn are beneficial in the treatment of any pre-cancerous lesions present in the skin.

When choosing a doctor for laser resurfacing you should always make sure that you have a board-certified-doctor to deal with the entire process. This particularly being important because during the healing process the risks of infections or abnormal healing, although infrequent do really occur. Therefore, you should always explain to the doctor your entire medical history before you decide to go ahead with the treatment. Also, the suggestions of the doctor are to be strictly followed by the patient so as to avoid any unwanted results after the process is complete.

If having taken all the measures into account, everything goes as planned, we hope you get blessed with more beauty and happiness in your lives than you have ever dreamt of! Also, to help you with the same, we hope to see you soon here at Newlook Laser Clinic.